Love is FreeはYarcoのセルフプロデュースによるファーストアルバム!長年温めて来たヤーコの20代から40代の曲を1枚に!ファーストアルバムにして、ベストアルバムのような内容になっている。ブルースにハマり、ギターで曲作りをしているというところから、ブルージーな曲が多く収録されているが、初期はピアノであったということで、ピアノやシンセ系の異色の曲も含まれている。17年間で1曲に仕上げたという曲もあり、なかなか聴き応えがある。


Love is Free is produced by Yarco!It's the first album and it looks like the best album.There are a lot of bluesy songs because she is addicted to blues and she is writing songs with guitars, but since she was pianos in the early days, she also include piano and synth-related songs.Anyway, the melody line shines in the simple chord progression!

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It is a song that sang the thoughts born during playing with nature on nature-friendly telemark skis.As you climb up the snow mountains by telemark skiing, you will experience the big and beauty of the earth. Then I thought. My worries are small.The earth & Sunny day gives vigor to me!

■アフアの君よ Afua


Ahua is a tree with beautiful white flowers.It is said that if you make sake from the flowers of Ahua and drink while making a wish on a full moon night, the wish will be fulfilled.

Afua,Pease tell him my heart.

■旅の途中 In my life



This song sings about feelings for parents.Thanks for the free love.

■白い虹よ White rainbow 


The theme is warming.

■Yorugakuru Alone night


This song was born when I went to Bar Clapton.This song is of thinking of a lover while drinking bourbon.

■Into the world


Earlier, somewhere, I read an article saying, "the size of the world is decide myself."I think I have to actually go.


Bourbon & Blues 


Bourbon must have blues.

Blues must have bourbon.

■Forked Road



This song is goodbye song.

A road that never intersects.

■秋の夜長に Autumn long night 


It is a song that sings to release yourself.